From a Wake Up Call...

The recent devastating wildfires in Northern and Southern California are a wake up call to fire prone communities throughout the state. Fire officials and homeowners are taking a harder look at neighborhoods and properties for evidence of overgrown vegetation, defensible space issues, highly flammable plants, and other hazardous conditions that could rapidly fuel the spread of a wildfire once it sparks up. a Call To Action!

Longtime Mill Valley resident and business owner Bob Emrich has emerged as a fire prevention leader in his community. His company, Bob's Firesafe Team, Inc. (d/b/a Bob's Tree Service), has assisted friends and neighbors to create fire safe “buffer zones” on their properties by trimming trees, removing grass, weeds, brush and dead vegetation. Working closely with fire dept. officials, Bob is actively engaged in helping his and other local neighborhoods become recognized as "Firewise U.S.A. Sites" by developing risk assessment and action plans that satisfy the guidelines for national certification.



Former Mill Valley mayor Dick Spotswood has warned that "we're next" and urges Marin residents to get serious about fire safety in a series of articles published in the Marin Independent Journal. We join him in encouraging everyone in the area to inform themselves about the very real danger wildfires present to our communities, and the preventative measures that can be taken today to drastically reduce a fire's destructive potential.


Bob's FireSafe Team

"I know that costs are a major factor in the delayed maintenance I see throughout my community. That's why my company is dedicated to providing professional tree and brush removal services at extremely competitive rates. Our goal is to increase fire safe awareness and motivate owners to take decisive action to reduce fire fuel. It's a decision that may ultimately save their homes!"

CA Contractor License No. 1041530