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I had called a few tree service companies looking for some help but felt like I was taking a number in line until I called Bob. He came out the same day and I was fortunate that he had an opening the next week (the other service had me booked out 2.5 months!). His desire to provide us with the best quality work was incredibly impressive. I wasn't home on the day that most of the work was being done and he called me the following day to be sure that I liked it. He has questions about a particular area and asked if I wanted to have that taken care of too. I did, he had it done the same day and he didn't charge me for it! As these things go, once you remove one tree, then another problem area comes up - and he took care of that too. Honestly, his customer service was impeccable, he is striving to provide quality work for his clients and to help home owners have better fire protection. Lastly, it was less than 1/2 the amount that the other tree service was going to charge us. I suspect we wouldn't have gotten half the attention that we did from Bob. Hire him if you need tree work - you'll be delighted that you did!

Posted Oct. 17, 2019 on NextDoor by Lisa R., Mill Valley

We highly recommend Bob's Firesafe Team. They cleared a couple dozen large trees and cleared and trimmed several smaller trees from our property. Efficient and thorough work by an excellent team.
Bob communicated with the city of Mill Valley and our neighbors to ensure that work was done with as little disruption as possible. I believe the price was lower than it would have been with any other company. Our neighbors across the street are having them do work on their trees as I write this! Hire a local who cares about customer service, his workers, the Mill Valley community, and our fire safety.

Posted Oct. 14, 2019 on NextDoor by Alison and Seth Ferguson, Mill Valley

I just hired Bobs and it was the best service I’ve had - ever. Cost effective and I had a ton of work that needed to be done. Bob’s team showed up within hours of me asking for help and gave recommendations on what to spend money on and what not to worry about. Bobs is the best!

Posted Oct. 10, 2019 on NextDoor by Lisa T., Mill Valley

I've posted about Bob's team before. they took out one tree and trimmed several others for us earlier this year, using a climber not a crane - great job for a very reasonable price. 2 more comments: Last week I cut down a large stand of bamboo on an SLP next to our house and Bob hauled it for me on very short notice (I promised him more notice next time). And Monday night I emailed Chief Scott Barnes of MV fire about a 40' Acacia in the same SLP, and 36 hours later (!), Bob's team showed up and had the trees (actually 5 of them) down in 40 minutes and are cutting them up for haulage now. Thanks and kudos to Chief Barnes, and I can't recommend Bob's team highly enough!

Posted Sept. 25, 2019 on NextDoor by Richard M., Mill Valley

We had Bob's crew trim a deodar cedar in the front of our property and couldn't be more pleased with the job they did. The day after Bob took a look at our tree, his crew arrived and did the work in a fast, efficient manner. They even put the cut branches at the side of the street, to avoid any sap getting on our driveway, which we so appreciated. It was a pleasure working with Bob, who lives in Mill Valley, and took such a personal interest in what we wanted to accomplish. We highly recommend his company, Bob's Firesafe Team, and will definitely be using them in the future!

Posted Sept. 17, 2019 on NextDoor by Judy and Milt Hagedorn, Mill Valley

Bob and his crew did an outstanding job of clearing out old, dry, brush and trees from our property. He is professional, reasonable, and thorough. EXCELLENT and affordable service for reducing wildfire hazards on your property!!!

Posted Sept. 16, 2019 on NextDoor by Sean C., Mill Valley

My wife and I have lived on Lovell Ave. for fifty-seven years. We are in our eighties. We received a letter from our insurance company in July that they would be cancelling our homeowners insurance because our property was overgrown with trees and shrubs that were too close to our home. The vast majority of the trees they were most concerned about weren’t even on our property! They were our neighbor’s trees, but the branches were too close.  We spoke with our neighbors, but they were unwilling to pay to do what needed to be done. However, they did tell us if we paid for cutting back their trees and removing others, they would let us do it.

Needless to say, we felt we were up a creek. Our funds were limited, and we were overwhelmed at the prospect of losing our insurance, or going with the California Fair Plan, which would probably triple our premium. That’s when we happened to call a tree company that has helped some of our neighbors reduce their fire fuel for advice…Bob’s Firesafe Team. The owner’s name is Bob Emrich, a local Mill Valley resident. This company isn’t affiliated with Firesafe Marin, but they do share a common goal: to reduce excess fire fuel in Marin county, and educate the public on what steps to take.

What happened from that phone call in mid July to the present is impressive. Bob came to our property, looked at the letter from the insurance company, which included photos of the trees and shrubs that needed to be removed. He had a plan: to approach our neighbors, get their permission to trim back, “limb up,” or remove certain trees and shrubs, do the work, take photos of what it looked like when they were finished, and send them to the insurance company before the cancelLation date. 

Bob’s crews came in and literally attacked our property, did everything he suggested, at a price that was very affordable.  The result? Our insurance company extended our policy for another year. HAllelujah! 

We can’t recommend this company enough. If you’re in a similar situation, and your insurance has been canceled (or you’re worried it may be because of overgrown plants), you should call them AT 415-390-2711. Bob’s Firesafe Team, (dba Bob’s Tree Service.)

Posted Sept. 9, 2019 by Hope and Don Rehlaender, Mill Valley

I'd like to piggyback on your recommendation of Bob Emrich. He is fast, fair, local and really cares about our trees and our neighborhood. And just a really nice guy.

Posted Aug. 14, 2019 on NextDoor by Susan Hirsch, Mill Valley

Our family recently asked a neighbor to consult with us regarding tree and brush work. Our neighbor, Bob Emrich has become a great resource for this work. Bob and his extremely friendly, capable staff, cleared the brush, cut trees, hauled away all refuse and his price was more than fair. High recommendations. We all need to cut unhealthy trees, clear brush and make our properties safer for ourselves and our neighbors. Don't hesitate!

Posted Aug. 13, 2019 on NextDoor by Kathy M., Mill Valley

Following a visit in the last two weeks from the affable MV fire inspector Michael St. John, I had confirmed that I needed to get some work done around our home and along the roads in particular. With a recommendation from Next Door, and a chance drive-by with a Bob's crew on Throckmorton, I reached out to Bob's Firesafe Team. Bob Emrich came out the next day, did a thorough review of both the firefighters' recommendations and an even more thorough review of the uphill and hard-to-reach surrounding lands. He gave me a fair price, and set a schedule up for three days later. But because of some other fortuitous happenstance, the crews came three days before they were scheduled. They were here over the course of three days, removing quite a few small and dead trees -- tan oaks and madrone, loads of tinder and underbrush and enough scotch broom to sweep Glasgow. They came back yesterday to chip, load in and haul away the debris. Great leadership, incredibly hard working crews, and a fair price. And the property looks great! I would highly recommend Bob's!

Posted Aug. 6, 2019 on NextDoor by Dave Chapman, Mill Valley

Looked around at several tree services in the area and was shocked at the exorbitant prices quoted to me. Received a recommendation from a neighbor to contact Bob's Tree Service and Bob and his team were incredibly responsive. They were fast, did an excellent job, and the cost was very reasonable. I can't recommend them enough. Plus, Bob's a great guy!

Posted Aug. 2, 2019 on NextDoor by Brian E., Mill Valley

We highly recommend Bob's Firesafe Team (Bob's Tree Service) in Mill Valley. At the recommendation of the Fire Dept, we needed to have dead trees and brush removed. Bob and his crew were prompt, courteous, and efficient. Bob also suggested removing some other trees as fire hazards. His price was quite reasonable, and he was a pleasure to deal with.

 Posted Jul 22, 2019 on NextDoor by Judith Neimark, Mill Valley

Bob was super helpful in helping us figure out what trees were a fire danger. We had a number of trees we also wanted cut back. Bob’s team came in right away and within two days the job was done and our place totally cleaned up. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the job they did and at a very reasonable price. Bob is a great guy to work with, very accommodating.

 Posted Jul 19, 2019 by Allie D., Mill Valley

We've known Bob Emrich for 30+ years. He's a man who lives his life with integrity. He's fair, honest, caring and just an outstanding local Mill Valley man who really cares about people and the well-being of his community. When we needed our four diseased pines removed, we received bids from four different tree services and chose Bob's Tree Service for the job. WOW!!!!! There was no doubt that we had made the right decision. His crew of five attacked this job with great gusto. No standing or lounging around with these guys. Their experience and old-fashioned work ethic was evident by their meticulous, well-honed skills and speed. I've never witnessed such a hard-working team. And that tree climber was beyond extraordinary. He danced around those limbs! No t.v, computer, or summer reading for us. Our entertainment yesterday was watching this climber do his thing. We highly recommend Bob's tree service. You won't be disappointed.

 Posted Jul 16, 2019 on NextDoor by Marilyn Ann, Mill Valley

Amazing team. Bob was quick to respond and started the job within a week. He looked over the project and made a reasonable bid for trimming of a very large Bay Tree. He was kind and listened to all of our concerns. His team is hard working and left the area spotless when they were done. We highly recommend them and plan to use them again in the future.

  Posted Jul 12, 2019 on NextDoor by Richard McKinley, Mill Valley

Highly recommend Bob's Firesafe Team (415-390-2711) which recently removed a large bay tree for us. Nice work, nice price, nice people!!!

Posted Jul 11, 2019 on NextDoor by Barbara Jacobs, Mill Valley

Bob and his crew were great. Bob gave sound, considered advice regarding the removal of numerous large trees on my land, and accommodated a few last minute requests without hesitation. The work was carried out in less time than other companies quoted me, and I'm thrilled with the results. Punctual, polite, professional (and droll), Bob is highly recommended.

Posted Jul 10, 2019 on NextDoor by James Reid, Mill Valley

I highly recommend Bob Emrich's Tree Service! The rates were were reasonable (less expensive than other estimates) and his staff did an excellent job removing 6 cypress trees and significantly pruning back the very tall Pittosporum trees that border my property. Bob was friendly and always got back to me right away. I understand that he is a long-time MV resident, and that he works closely with Fire Chief Barnes.

 Posted Jul 1, 2019 on NextDoor by Julie Rosenberg, Mill Valley

Bob and his crew did a great job in a few days. Got everything done PLUS more. Cleaned up the whole area. His prices are reasonable. Will use him again.

Posted June 24, 2019 on NextDoor website by Carole Sirulick, Mill Valley

I highly recommend Bob's Tree Service. He is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. His team is professional and offers fair prices for the work.

 Posted June 18, 2019 on NextDoor by Debbie Duggan, Mill Valley

Reliable, committed, passionate about fire control in Mill Valley. A long time Mill Valley resident who cares about the town!!!!

 Posted June 13, 2019 on NextDoor by David Brown, Mill Valley

Bob came by on a Saturday, walked around our house with us, and made solid recommendations about what needed to go and what could stay. I got home on Wednesday and didn’t even realize they’d finished the job because everything was cleaned up so perfectly. He’s been easy to get ahold of, cost is reasonable, and he clearly loves the Mill Valley community. I highly recommend to anyone looking to clear brush and non-firesafe trees!

 Posted June 13, 2019 on NextDoor by Tonya Small, Mill Valley

Bob Emrich and his team did a great job at our home! They took down a tree that our insurance company had flagged and cut back limbs of others that were overgrown. Bob is a great guy who is in this for all the right reasons - helping make Mill Valley more firesafe, one home at a time. I highly recommend him and his Team!

 Posted June 12, 2019 on NextDoor by Susan Croley, Mill Valley

Bob and his crew are knowledgeable, professional, efficient, friendly and extremely reasonable. They are clearly passionate about creating a firesafe community. They came out reviewed the property, identified risks and promptly spent the day trimming and removing risks and created defensible space around my home. Thank you for a great job and please give him a call 415-390-2711 you will not be disappointed, and we will all be a little safer.

 Posted May 3, 2019 on NextDoor by Sheri Benjamin, Mill Valley

I highly recommend Bob's Tree service. He and his crew did an outstanding job clearing trees, branches, brush and bamboo from my property. They worked hard and fast. Also reasonable price.

 Posted April 27, 2019 on NextDoor by Mary Alice Naumann, Mill Valley

Bob and his team were terrific. They did my tree work with safety and efficiently. Bob provides a great service for our community to help reduce the fire load so we can all sleep better at night.

 Posted April 25, 2019 on NextDoor by Sharon Skylor, Mill Valley

We had a great tree removal service from Bob and his team of very competent and efficient workers. They came as planned and finished the work very carefully and at a reasonable price. Two large pine trees were removed. We are grateful to have had his help. Highly recommend his company.

 Posted April 15, 2019 on NextDoor by Shayna Stein, Mill Valley

I highly recommend Bob's Tree Service team! Last week they removed the dead top of one of the -- very high and very large -- redwood trees growing right next to our house and did an amazing job! They managed to bring it down with absolutely no damage to our other landscaping or even the potted plants on the deck below it. They were quick and efficient and somehow did the job in a way that was very considerate of our neighbors -- no hours of chainsawing and street-side chipping. Bob also gave us great advice about managing some other planting issues specific to Mill Valley. We really enjoyed meeting him. He's a great Mill Valley neighbor!

 Posted April 13, 2019 on NextDoor by Leslie Reiber, Mill Valley

I highly recommend Bob and his team and encourage you to call him. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about making our neighborhoods fire safe. I reached out to him after seeing a post on next-door, and he responded right away, made a date to look at the overgrown broom on my property, and then came back a few days later with his team and the job was done! Bob is professional, reliable, thoughtful and honestly just the nicest guy! He truly is a local hero! Thank you, Bob for your generosity and your commitment, I am grateful!!

Posted Feb 8, 2019 on NextDoor by Tina D., Mill Valley

We enthusiastically recommend Bob and his team for your tree and fire safety concerns. He was quick to return and take care of the work he promised, and you'd have to be a pretty cynical person to dislike a nice guy that does free work for you that makes you safer. He's truly dedicated to his fire safety and for that I am thankful that he's in my neighborhood. Thank you, Bob!

Posted Feb 6, 2019 on NextDoor by Paul Hines, Mill Valley

We highly recommend Bob Emrich and his team at Bob’s Firesafe Team (Bob’s Tree Service). We called him yesterday for an urgent request to remove large branches that had snapped but not fallen that were hanging on top of the wires connecting our house to the utility poles across the street. Within minutes of PG&E de-energizing the lines to make it safe for his team, Bob’s team showed up and quickly and professionally removed the branches at a very competitive rate. We had our power back on within 90 minutes of PG&E turning off the power and want to thank Bob and his team for their immediate and efficient work.

Posted Feb. 6, 2019 on NextDoor by Jennifer Hochschild, Mill Valley

Bob's team helped me complete a 360 degree brush removal around our property. They cut and hauled a large truckload of bamboo, acacia, juniper and broom in order to make our property more defensible (and a whole lot neater!). Bob and his team were very friendly, responsive and professional, and charged a really affordable price for the work. Bob's advice on fire-risk management is really excellent, and he's making a dramatic contribution to keeping our neighborhood safe. But we need all property owners to help do their bit - give him a call NOW!

Posted Feb. 3, 2019 on NextDoor Camilla Simpson, Mill Valley

I have used many of the current commercial tree services, but by accident I discovered Bob's Firesafe team who in my opinion is head and shoulders better than the others in responsive service, amazing crew, and very very affordable pricing. In fact he removed large planting of highly flammable shrubs for me at no additional charge. I would urge you strongly to get a bid from Bob before you choose another tree service.

Posted Feb. 1, 2019 on NextDoor by George Hamilton, Mill Valley

Bob's tree service is first rate. He entered the business because he saw a need for safe efficient tree and brush removal so he could keep the canyon he loved a little safer. He responded to our needs professionally and efficiently. I would recommend his tree service.”

Posted Jan. 29, 2019 on NextDoor by Ruth Rapicavoli, Mill Valley

Bob came and cut the tree loose from the overhead wires during a big wind and rain storm. He helped us clean up on short notice and did a great job! Thank you to Bob and his team!

Posted Jan. 29, 2019 on NextDoor by Stephen Sutheerland, Mill Valley

After a friendly site survey, Bob and I made a plan to lower my fire danger. His crew is professional, the cost was VERY fair, and I saw an extra effort to leave my property looking good.

Posted Jan. 29, 2019 on NextDoor by Peter Young, Mill Valley

I've just had several large Bay trees removed from my property, I can see my Redwood Trees again! Bob's Tree service was just wonderful, work was done much quicker and for less than estimated. Bob's crew are a joy to work with, they know what they are doing, they were efficient and courteous. They cleaned all debris, including some that was already there. I'm so glad that I learned about Bob from Next-door. I can't recommend him enough if you need tree service. I would definitely use Bob again.

Posted Jan. 29, 2019 on NextDoor by Lupe Coleman, Mill Valley

Bob's team came over to trim my oaks, Eugenia and 25-foot pittosporum tenuifolium. They did a great job and under budget. All debris was removed expertly and neatly. I would recommend Bob for your tree trimming!

Posted Jan. 29, 2019 on NextDoor by Gretel Wittke, Mill Valley

Bob was recommended by my neighbor. His knowledge, recommendations and service were outstanding. Bob cleared away many flammable trees on my property - a necessity. He was very fair, thorough and is impassioned about the safety of our neighborhood. I cannot recommend Bob's Tree Service highly enough!

Posted Jan. 27, 2019 on NextDoor by Nicholad Saribalis, Mill Valley

This is a fine business - reliable, reasonable, flexible. We would use them again in a minute.

Posted Jan. 24, 2019 on NextDoor Leslie Camillo, Mill Valley

I absolutely recommend Bob and his team. Bob worked with me to remove two large pine trees that were putting our house at risk during fire season. He was fast, professional, efficient, responsive and respectful. His team was very polite and left our yard cleaner than they found it. I felt his prices were fair. I would use Bob again.

Posted Jan. 22, 2019 on NextDoor by Sierra Robinson, Mill Valley

Bob's team did a stunning, swift and affordable job removing massive pine, acacia and oak trees and branches from our property. The job was meticulously done and the team showed up and completed things like clockwork. Invest now - hire Bob and his team to slash the fuel load on your property. You'll be helping to save your life, your home and our town!

Posted Jan. 21, 2019 on NextDoor by David Lundgren, Mill Valley

Bob & his team are the tree whisperers of Mill Valley. They get the job done quickly, professionally & at a fair price. I would highly recommend them.

Posted Jan. 20, 2019 on NextDoor by Daniel Cressman, Mill Valley

I can highly recommend Bob’s Tree Service! We had a tree fall in this last storm and they came right away to clear it. He and his crew are very responsive, professional, and do a great job.

Posted Jan. 20, 2019 on NextDoor by Maria Hermanussen, Mill Valley

Bob just cleared a huge branch that fell on top of my car during the storm. He was here within half an hour of my call, his men were very professional; cleaned off my car, cleaned up the area and hauled away everything!

Posted Jan. 17, 2019 on NextDoor by Anne Ashendorf, Mill Valley

I contacted Bob Emrich to survey my property for fire fuel reduction during the smoky weeks immediately following the Camp Fire. He responded quickly and scheduled the work to begin within a few days with a very reasonable quote.  His professional crew was efficient in removing several bays and acacias and cleaned up well when finished My home 1s now described as "defensible' by the fire department. I highly recommend Bob's Firesafe Team!

Posted Nov. 30, 2018 on NextDoor by Theresa Raabe, Mill Valley

Hello Neighbors,

The recent fires in California, especially following similar tragedies a year ago, have made me especially concerned about our own community, and I feel a responsibility to do what I can to mitigate fire danger on my property. Although I work diligently to mow grasses and trim trees annually, I know there are steps beyond my own personal efforts that would contribute to a more fire-safe neighborhood.

This morning I met with Bob Emrich, of Bob’s Firesafe Team, to hear his suggestions about reducing fire fuel on my property. Bob works closely with the MVFD and has done extensive work in nearby neighborhoods, particularly in helping the Manzanita/Ralston/Middle Ridge neighborhood in their goal of achieving Firewise status.

Bob’s crew will be removing several acacia and bay trees from my property, as soon as his schedule allows. This will, of course, change the tree-studded prospect we are familiar with from our individual homes, but I am resolved to take this action to make a positive impact on the safety of my own property and that of my neighbors. Enveloped in the smoke of the Camp Fire right now, I believe the change in views and/or privacy is a worthwhile trade to help prevent fire devastation here.

If you are interested, I encourage you to contact Bob yourself for an assessment of your property. He is very easy to work with and passionate about reducing fire fuel in Mill Valley and his rates are reasonable. You are also welcome to visit my property when he’s finished to view his work.

Letter to Neighbors submitted Nov 15, 2018 by Theresa Raabe, Mill Valley, CA